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Spell the answers to as many questions as possible within 120-seconds!

  1. Click New Game to begin. The game page appears and the timer immediately begins to count down from 120 seconds.
  2. Read the Hint, in the form of a question, located in the upper left screen.
  3. Answer each question by spelling out the correct answer. Drag-and-drop each of the letters on the orange tiles onto the answer pads. Incorrectly placed tiles bounce back. Continue to drag and drop the tiles till the correct answer is found.
  4. When the word is spelled correctly, the tiles on the answer pad turn blue. The Words Completed tally increments by one and you are automatically advanced to the next hint and a new set of tiles appears.
  5. The timer turns red when there are 15 seconds remaining. The game ends when Time reads 0.
  6. A Game Over summary appears showing the total number of Words Completed.
  7. Click X to exit the summary window. The game is reset and you return to the main screen. You may play the game as many times as you like.
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