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In this activity, you will use your imagination to write as you explore and familiarize yourself with differing examples of traditional English dialect grammar, spoken within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Use the grammatical snippets provided to compose songs, poems, recitations, plays, or short stories by combining and editing them on the tablet provided. You can then share these pieces using the copy feature from the finish button.

  1. Click Begin on the main screen to get started. The composition page appears. Grammatical snippets are displayed in the left panel, a title bar and tablet to craft your piece on the right panel.
  2. Type a title in the your title field. You may wish to do this after you’re written your prose.
  3. Click and drag the snippets that you wish to use into the tablet on the right-hand panel. The snippets stick to the tablet. Use the Dialect Atlas to help you interpret the meaning of the snippets, as necessary. Note: open a second instance of DANL in a new tab or window so as not to interrupt your composing!
  4. Click the edit icon (pencil) on the tablet to edit or add additional text to it. A scroll bar appears on the right of the tablet when the list of dropped prose extends longer than the visible tablet space. Use it to scroll up and down the chosen snippets.
  5. Click on the scroll bar to move up and down along the list of chosen snippets on the tablet.
  6. Drag and drop the snippets on the tablet to change their order.
  7. Click More to display additional grammatical snippets.
  8. Click Finish to see your final creation. The title and prose are assembled in a copy-ready window.
  9. Click copy to copy the text to your computer’s clipboard or paste to a document, email or text field.
  10. Click X to exit the Finish window.
  11. Click Cancel to end your activity at any time and return to the main screen. You may write as much prose as you like.
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