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Identify what the speaker has said in the audio by matching it to its corresponding transcript. Complete as many as you can within 120-seconds!

Note: Your computer will need a sound card for you to participate in this activity. Headphones are recommended.

  1. Click New Game to begin. The game page appears and the timer immediately begins to count down from 120 seconds.
  2. Click Play Audio to listen to an audio clip. You may listen more than once.
  3. Match the audio file you heard to its correct transcript by selecting it from the list of possible transcripts.
  4. If the phrase you have selected is a correct match, the phrase turns dark blue. The Phrases Completed tally increments by one and you are automatically advanced to the next audio clip where a new list of phrases appears. A "You must play the audio first" message prompts you to listen to the audio before selecting a transcript.
  5. If the phrase you selected is incorrect, the phrase turns light blue. You are prompted to try again. The game advances only once you have identified the correct transcript.
  6. The timer turns red when there are 15 seconds remaining. The game ends when Time reads 0.
  7. A Game Over summary appears showing the total number of Phrases Completed.
  8. Click X to exit the summary window. The game is reset and you return to the main screen.
  9. Click Cancel to end your activity at any time and return to the main screen.
  10. Click New Game to play again. You may play the game as many times as you like.
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