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Word Jiggin'

Say What?

Off the Top of My Head

The activities invite you to familiarize yourself with aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador English while exploring the dialect atlas content. The activities, Word Jiggin’, Say What?, and Off the Top of My Head, draw from data found in the three dialect atlas categories that make up the atlas: Words, Pronunciation, and Grammar.

Word Jiggin’ is an unscramble-style activity wherein you unscramble the tiles in response to the hint (question) posted to identify the Newfoundland English word. It draws from the Words category of the atlas.

Say What? is a matching activity wherein you identify the phrase matching the audio file of authentic local speakers. It draws from the Pronunciation category of the atlas.

Off the Top of My Head is a creative writing activity wherein you use snippets of Newfoundland dialect grammar to compose songs, poems, recitations, plays or short stories. You can then share these with friends and family via the built-in copy feature. It draws from the Grammar category of the atlas.

Note: these activites require the Adobe Flash Player, and will not work on iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. They will work on Android devices with the Flash plugin installed, which is only available directly from Adobe here.

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